Laser hair removal in Dayton, Ohio

Fast and effective hair removal

At Ohio Skin Center, Dr. Rishi Gandhi has the most advanced lasers for removing unwanted hair. He owns the best laser hair removal devices on the market, so patients with various skin types and color of hair can benefit from laser hair removal.

Dr. Gandhi’s #1 priority is to provide the safest and most effective laser hair removal treatment for his patients in Dayton and surrounding cities.

Laser hair removal is a cost-effective, long-term solution for removing unwanted body hair, eliminating excess hair growth, and preventing ingrown hairs and razor bumps from anywhere on the body.

What does laser hair removal do?

When performed by an experienced clinician, laser hair removal safely eliminates unsightly, overgrown hair. It’s a medical procedure where a laser light beam penetrates the skin, heating the hair follicle and shaft, preventing it from producing new hair.

What to expect with laser hair removal results

Laser hair removal is permanent, and the hair follicle will no longer produce hair. Results vary depending on treatment area and how many hair removal sessions you complete.

Following the procedure, existing hair will begin to detach naturally from the follicle and fall out on its own. New hair will not grow back in its place, and if it does, it’ll be minimal. Because hair grows in cycles, it takes multiple laser hair removal treatments to stop all (or most) hair growth.

Refrain plucking before, during or directly after laser hair removal sessions. Plucking could damage the follicle. For best results, treated hair needs to fall out naturally.

After 1-2 treatments, you’ll begin to see reduced hair regrowth. If you still experience hair growth around the treated area, it’ll be thin, fine and sparse.

Which laser hair removal is best for you?

There are many lasers on the market capable of performing hair removal. They’re not all created equal, and technology has vastly changed over the years. Most hair removal lasers work best on dark hair and light skin. When misused and on the wrong skin color, the laser treatment can cause hyperpigmentation (brown or red spots) and scarring.

Dr. Gandhi is a highly sought after laser expert. He has several devices to treat all hair and skin types. The lasers have a cooling effect on the skin, so they’re virtually painless and are very fast, effective treatments.

Benefits of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is popular for these reasons:

✔ Extremely precise —can target specific areas of excess hair growth in small and discreet places

✔ Cost-effective —reduce razor and waxing costs

✔ Long term solution —hair removal is permanent

✔ Convenient —save time, no more shaving

✔ No downtime

✔ Fast and easy procedure 

✔ No more razor bumps  

✔ Fewer ingrown hairs

Areas treated with laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is suitable for almost anywhere on the body where hair exists or is causing a problem, like ingrown hairs and folliculitis.

The most commonly treated areas are:

✔ Arms

✔ Armpits

✔ Legs

✔ Chest

✔ Chin

✔ Upper lip

✔ Cheeks

✔ Back

✔ Bikini area

✔ Back of neck

✔ Beard area (pseudofolliculitis barbae)


laser hair removal dayton ohio

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Do: stay out of the sun and refrain from using any self-tanners before the procedure.  

Do: Shave the area before treatment so the laser doesn’t singe the hair.

Do: Make sure your skin is free of lotions, deodorants and makeup.

Don’t: Pluck or wax up to a month prior.

Once you arrive at your appointment, you may receive numbing cream, which takes about 20-25 minutes to start working. As soon as that’s complete, you’ll be off to one of Dr. Gandhi’s laser treatment rooms for your fast and painless hair removal treatment.

Laser hair removal is usually associated with minimal to no pain. Most patients describe the sensation as a pinch or a mild rubber band snap. Dr. Gandhi carries advanced lasers that are less painful than older models on the market. He always offers his patients numbing cream before the procedure.

Depending on the size of the area being treated, laser hair removal is a speedy treatment. 

With Ohio Skin Center’s rapid hair removal laser, an upper lip can take 30 seconds and a full leg complete in 10 minutes.

Results depend on the treatment area and hair type but for full hair removal, a patient can expect to have 2-6 treatments. Results of reduced hair growth should be visible within 1 month.

You can return to normal daily activity right away but refrain from working out for at least 24 hours.

We do recommend staying away from the sun and UV exposure ad using sunscreen to protect the area.

Side effects are rare, but patients have reported irritation or tiny red bumps on the hair removal area on occasion. These symptoms are treatable with ice or aloe and will likely reside within a few hours. 

Be sure to have laser hair removal performed by a trained board-certified physician to avoid burns, irritation and pigment issues.